How Grow Hair With Scalp Massage and Hot Oil Treatment - Best Home Remedy!
Every woman wants to get long, thick and lustrous hair. But there are a lot of women who are suffering from thinning hair problem and they are still upset for hair loss which is common in women and men both. Do you know that what is the main cause of hair loss or thinning scalp? Such as nutritional deficiencies, stress, wrong and tight hairstyles, heating tools, low quality straighten gels, and various additional reasons. Other than don’t worry, because there are many natural home remedies that can help promote your hair and nourish new growth. In this post we have brought a great method that is ‘Scalp Massage And Hot Oil Treatment’ which is perfect for hair lose treatment.

Scalp Massage And Hot Oil Treatment
Scalp Massage And Hot Oil Treatment
Do you know that oil massaging your scalp helps develop flow and therefore stimulates hair growth, and when you do this process five minutes daily then you will get amazing results! Just dip your fingers in the oil and rub the finger on your scalp; I am sure you get a great relief as well. If you have dandruff then this home remedy is also advantageous for you because oil massaging is very old method for getting rid of hair dandruff.
Well, put warm oil on your hair through big comb
THE BEST WAY PUT OIL ON SCALP: Well, put warm oil on your hair through big comb, now wear a plastic cap and leave it 30-40 minutes (you can also use a towel around your head as well). Now after the 30-40 minutes wash/clean your hair with shampoo. Article Writer: Shehzore Ansari

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