How To Get Rid Of Cough - Natural Cough Home Remedies
The joy of winter, touring in snowy places, eggnog as well as skating gives you “cough cough cough”. Yes! We are talking about cough! These days there is a season of this common disease that is called Cold and Flu. It has left your chest muscles sore and painful. Just flu and colds are not the only causes of coughing. Asthma, acid reflux, allergies, smoking, dry air and others are also common causes of coughs. Today 80 percent peoples of the world are using medicines for several problems. But today we suggest you a natural home remedy. Try this home remedy when you are suffering from cough, I hope you get instant relief. In this post we will guide you that how making this home-made cough syrup in the kitchen with natural ingredients. The common causes of coughs are exposed to irritants, common cold, allergies, bronchitis, GERD, certain medications.

What You Need: Water, 1 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp black pepper, and 1 tbsp honey and cinnamon sticks (dalchini). So, just have a look at this complete home remedy and make it at home.

Cough Home Remedies – Fast Relief

Home Remedy For Whooping Cough
Home Remedy For Whooping Cough


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