How To Use Lemon Juice And Cucumber To Get White And Smooth Skin Naturally!
Do you know that lemon is filled with citric acid, which helps in getting rid of dead cells from the skin. And lemon has also a rich quantity of Vitamin C that helps in lightening the skin tone and get rid of the dark spots and pigmentation on the face/skin. If you are using lemon in liquid form, then it has just not beneficial for the weight lose even glow your skin as well. Many women don’t recognize that lemon juice is also considered as a natural skin bleaching instrument that help in lightening the skin tenor in just a solitary application. Cucumber is yet another natural ingredient that is notorious for its skin breezy properties. Now you enormously know about the amazing qualities of lemon and cucumber, so this home remedy is perfect for you that gives you a smooth and white skin.

Things You Need:
1: Lemon Juice 1 Tablespoon
2: Cucumber Slices Just 2
3: Lukewarm Water.

Process: First of all apply the fresh lemon juice all over the face plus depart it on for about 5-10 minutes. After that wash it with lukewarm water. Now rub the cucumber slices all over the face and then leave it for 4-5 minutes once again. 


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