How To Get Rid Of Canker Sores Naturally Very Fast!
It may be a very painful procedure, but it is one of the best methods to cure canker sores. Add one teaspoon of table salt in a cup of warm water and mix it well. Use it to rinse your mouth multiple times. Thereafter, take a pinch of salt and put it directly on the canker sore. You may also use baking soda in place of salt to mix it with water. Alum powder, an ingredient commonly found in most of the kitchens can be used to treat canker sores naturally. Place a little quantity (about the size of a pea) of alum powder directly on the canker sore. Let it sit for 60 seconds. It is generally bitter in taste. Do not swallow the powder. After 60 seconds, spit your saliva as well as the alum. Do not wash your mouth with water. Within 24 hours the pain will decrease. For further home remedies for canker sores, have a look at this below.

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