How To Make Your Bridal Mehndi-Henna More Dark, Bold And Beautiful!
The appliance of henna/mehndi on the hands as well as the feet of the bride on the instance of wedding represents a very significant ceremony. For the wedding occasion every woman want’s more dark and bold mehndi designs that look attractive on their hands plus feet. It is true that if your mehndi design is darker; you can expect more love from your kind husband. Today we provide you a few tips to ensure that the henna/mehndi is not only darkly but also stunning and beautiful.

Your Hands And Feet Must Be Hygienic Before Applying Mehndi/Henna; lest your hands and feet already have lotion or else cream on them, the mehndi and henna not gives you darker look.So, it is important to wash/clean your hands and feet with good quality soap or hand wash. For further tips see these beauty tips below…


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