How To Grow Hair 1-Inch In 10 Days By Using Curry Leaf Recipe!
The curry tree is a plant native to India, but today you can find in any tropical country. Its scientific name is curry tree and its leaves are widely used in the cuisine of East to possess a spicy, tangy little. In turn, the fruit tastes like a delicious dessert. It is the use for hair for several years, do you know that if you go in the market and ask to the shopkeeper for “hoja de curry” it is the name of curry leaf in Spanish language. Have a look at this home remedy below.

You Will Need These Ingredients:

  • Curry Leaves - 10 Sprigs
  • Fenugreek Seeds - 1 Tablespoon
  • Coconut Oil - 125 ml
  • Castor Oil - 50ml


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