How To Straighten Hair At Home, See How Make How To Straighten Mask!
In This Tutorial We Will Guide You That How To Straighten Hair At Home!
Do you know that Coconut milk as well as lemon mask is a great combination for your hair. So if you are worried about your curly and dry hair, then this home remedy is great for you. This remedy straight your hair within a few minutes, yes! It is true – it is homemade formula that we prepared with natural ingredients.

Check Out The Ingredients:
·         One Cup coconut oil
·         Two Tablespoon olive oil
·         One Lemon juice (concerning four tablespoons)
·         Three Tablespoon cornstarch

Apply on your hair for 1-3 hours wearing a shower cap and a sizzling towel. This hair straightening cure will help loosen your curls as well as leave your hair squashy and gleaming. Must share this with your friends.


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