Learn - How To Make Simple And Easy 5 Strands Braid Hairstyle, See Tutorial
Hey Everyone; in this tutorial we are going to show as well as guide that how to create simple and easy 5 strands braid hair style. You can also choose this amazing hairstyle for all types of formal occasions such as parties and weddings. Have a look at this below.

See Step By Step:
1. Make five partitions.
2. Cross the lock of the rightmost beyond.
3. Had under the next.
4. Do the similar on the other side where we will have 3 strands. Cross the farther end above plus below the next. They remain two tufts on one side and 3 on the further.
5. We at all times do the same movement where the three strands.
6. Crossed above as well as below.
7. We repeat the similar on the left side.
8. Remember that you always have to do the crosses on the side of the 3 locks.

9. We crossed to the end plus we tied with a little rubber.


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