Watch The Trick Of The Japanese To Inflate Balloons. Never Again Will You Use Helium - Inactive!
The chemical reaction among sodium bicarbonate (a base) and white vinegar (weak acid) forms carbon dioxide. Since the reactants are solid as well as liquid correspondingly, and that one of the products is gaseous, the last volume is larger than the first one, so that the gas causes the balloon to blow up.

You will require:
1 unfilled 2 liter bottle.
1 funnel.
500 g of sodium bicarbonate.
500 ml white vinegar.
Balloons of your choice.

Fill the balloon with baking soda. The balloon should be semi full. Proceed to add the matching part of white vinegar within the bottle, tie the balloon to the mouth of the bottle, without allowing the materials to combine. Now, with huge care, allow the materials to mix. right away your balloon will begin to inflate.

Suggestions: Do not forget to take the essential measures to keep away from accidents, like gloves and caring glasses. Now that you recognize this useful method to inflate the balloons rapidly and inexpensively, come and try it and recommend it.



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