Hair Fall Treatment At Home - How To Stop Hair Fall By Using Garlic!
Garlic can help you decrease hair lose! Garlic has so many ingredients such as sulfur, B,C Vitamics, Copper, Iron and Zinc that improves the health of the scalp and stimulates hair growth. Like an onion, it has also high sulphur content. For many years a lot of peoples have been using this traditional recipe to regrow hair. You’d be surprised to know the benefits of garlic.


1: Crush a few cloves of garlic
2: Insert coconut oil to it and boil the combination for 4-6 minutes.
3: Leave it until it is cool down, then massage it on your scalp.
4: You can leave it on the scalp for 30-40 minutes and wash the hair.
5: Do this 2-3 times in a week for getting better results.


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