Dubai’s Ultra-Luxurious Floating Homes Will Have Underwater Master Bedrooms. It is a dream of everyone to live in the water like a mermaid. Finally, architecture experts introduced luxury home underwater. This is a novel-world residence, you will be capable to enjoy lavishness at its premium, and discover the underwater life in addition. Today this world’s luxurious underwater apartment is available in the market, and its price reveals in the bazaar that is $2.8 Million.

The World's First Underwater Apartment Is Now Available In The  Bazaar, It's Remarkable!

This apartment is called “Floating Seahorse”, these luxury villas will have 3 levels and all are lavish and luxurious. In these underwater apartments you will see shower, semi-private kitchenette, mini-bar, Jacuzzi, bedrooms and etc. A chain of man-made islands in Dubai, known as “THE WORLD”. It is now home to Buoyant House. It is also known as the Floating Seahorse. After watching this – you say wow.

Dubai's Floating Home—It's Awesome!


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